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Teague Hospital District Emergency Medical Service


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Micheal Howard

Mike has been in EMS since 1990 and has been a paramedic since 1998.
He was employed with us at THD-EMS in mid 2003. Mike is also a shift captain for LMC-EMS in Grosebeck, TX.
After a four year tour with United States Navy serving in Desert Storm/Shield, he entered straight into an EMS career.
Mike is a very family orientated man, spending as much time as he can with his wife Cathy, and his daughter Amanda. Cathy, also a paramedic, has also been involved with EMS for several years now.

Brody Weinmann

Brody is a certified National Registered EMT-Basic and Texas Firefighter. He lives in Mexia, where he's a PRN EMT and a Vol. Firefighter.

He was hired at THD-EMS in 2005 for PRN work, then promoted to full-time status in mid 2006.

Brody has been involved with Fire/EMS since 2002, starting with the Venture Program, a junior firefighter group.

He comes from a family of public servants. Brody's mother has served as an EMT, firefighter, and now as a police officer, his father also serves as a police officer.

Brody will soon be attending EMT-Intermediate school, to further his training and education. He hopes to eventually become a paramedic.